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ARC Systems in NYC

In New York, high-rise buildings are required to have fire department auxiliary radio communication (ARC) systems installed on the premises. The rule is part of the New York City Building Code, which mandates that all buildings test, operate, and maintain their ARC systems to comply with the Fire Code and Rules of Fire Department. As a wireless, two-way communication system that fire departments use to receive and transmit portable radio frequencies, ARC plays a huge role in protecting your business.

Manhattan Fire & Security ARC services include design, installation, monitoring, and maintenance of the state-of-the-art equipment, to comply with the law and keep your property safe from fires. We offer nothing but top-quality fire protection solutions that fit your needs.

What Is the ARC System?

ARC systems are wireless and bi-directional radio system. It uses frequencies unique to the New York City Fire Department (FDNY) to prevent interference.

The main parts of our systems include:

  • A transceiver, or base station, that connects to the antenna system in the building
  • A radio console in the lobby that only FDNY firefighters can access
  • Other units that include radio amplification units, radiating cables, antenna, and other power supplies

Why Does the New York Building Code Require It?

Under the 2014 New York Building Code, high-rise buildings — or structures over 75 ft. in height — need to comply with the ARC system requirement. Older buildings going through renovations may need to meet the requirement, as well.

The systems are crucial because they provide the required radio coverage in all areas of a building that firefighters need to access. The rule also ensures that ARC systems stay in good working order to preserve the integrity of a building and its inhabitants.

Failure to meet the requirements when installing equipment like fire alarms, ARC systems, smoke control systems, and automatic sprinklers, and other fire protection measures can have serious consequences. In fact, it could escalate to legal action or the denial of certificates of occupancy.

All these measures are in place because firefighters depend strongly on properly-functioning ARC systems to do their work. Let us help you maintain a well-functioning system to save lives and while preserving the integrity of your property.

We Install ARC Systems in NYC and its surrounding areas

Your ARC plan needs to be approved before we can commence with your ARC system installation plans. Fortunately, our team takes the hassle out of the project approval process.

We collaborate with you during the design phase and then we submit for review. During this period, we conduct tests on all the components of the system to make sure everything runs smoothly. Our team may ask you to submit construction documents for the project approval process. This includes the documentation for radio equipment types, antennas, power source locations, and more.

We have been assisting general electric and sprinkler contractors and building owners for several years in the design, permits and authorization, testing, project management, certification, and final approval process with the FDNY, so you know your fire safety is in good hands.

Our ARC Systems Improve In-Building Emergency Communications

With over 15 years of experience in the industry of fire safety, we have built a reputation for honesty and dedication. Moreover, we have worked with building owners, electricians, and contractors who can vouch for us that no project is big or small for us. Our team has successfully installed ARC systems in smaller properties as well as structures that go up to 72 stories high.

We take pride in having a high passing rate of first inspections, as well — we were one of the first companies approved by FDNY for ARC system installations. Our team designs ARCs for emergency communication and to facilitate the proper public response. You can rely on our systems to get you through crises faster and keep your facility safe from fires.

ARC systems improve the way firefighters communicate in emergency situations. Allow our cutting-edge fire protection solutions to safeguard you from the threat of fire.