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Fire Safety Solutions in NYC

Manhattan Fire & Security is a trusted fire safety consultant. We are committed to protecting your property and providing comprehensive solutions to keep it safe from fire and smoke hazards.

Fires can disrupt business activities, resulting in the loss of business documents, reduced working hours, property damage, building downtime, and the loss of life. Preventive measures are, therefore, a necessity for every facility. With the appropriate features, you can rest easy knowing that your property has the best chances against fires.

You can enhance the fire prevention program further, according to your industry and building occupants. Successful fire safety is integral to the day-to-day operations of every property, and you, as well as the occupants of your property, have a crucial role to play in ensuring your building stays safe from the potential fire hazards. This includes the following:


It doesn’t take much to start a fire. Even something as simple as failing to exercise caution within your property’s premises can make it vulnerable to fire and smoke hazards. You safeguard your property, however, when you:

  • Refrain from using smoking materials and open flames
  • Store flammable and combustible liquids in a safe place
  • Educate staff on the proper use of electrical equipment
  • Ensure that housekeeping tasks are performed regularly
  • Invest in fire-safe furnishings and interior decorations
  • Conduct regular inspections of exhaust systems
  • Require semi-annual inspection to ensure your fire alarm is working 24/7
  • Fire alarm system is monitored 24/7 by an approved Central station

Make Fire Safety Education Mandatory

Apart from keeping people vigilant against activities that could start a fire, it also helps if people know about the subject. Educational programs aim to teach inhabitants how to respond to such situations. Boosting tenant participation in fire prevention programs is possible with motivators, such as:

  • Activities that involve local fire officials
  • Raising awareness of recent fire incidents
  • Conducting evacuation drills during favorable seasons
  • Providing incentives for the activities

Fire Protection and Life Safety Systems

Our sprinkler alarm systems make it less likely for flames to grow and spread. After the system activates, it will protect the surrounding rooms to give residents enough time to escape.

Our fire alarm systems identify fire and smoke hazards right away and warn you, so you’ll know when to evacuate your property. They will immediately alert your building at the first signs of a fire. This way, you can evacuate inhabitants before the fire becomes uncontrollable and call for medical help right away for those in need.

Our smoke alarms give off life-saving warnings so all the occupants of the property enough time to leave a burning structure. Our modern detectors can pick up heat and smoke for fewer instances of false detection.

Improved in-building communication during emergencies to help firefighters cover more ground and respond more efficiently in a crisis.