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Installation and Maintenance of Fire Alarms and Arc's Systems

Our flexible and innovative fire safety solutions make us the leading choice for fire alarm and ARC’s security systems in NYC and surrounding area.  We provide the state-of-the-art solutions for ultimate protection against a fire emergency.

Providing reliable and comprehensive fire safety solutions is at the heart of our services. And we have continued to adapt our services to suit the times. Ever since the New York City Building Code required high-rise buildings to have an in-building auxiliary radio communication (ARC) system, the company has helped properties stay compliant with the design, installation, operation, and maintenance requirements.

Apart from servicing ARC systems, we provide installation, maintenance, and monitoring services to protect people, buildings, and property.

Expert Installations

Manhattan Fire & Security is big on safety. We install ARC systems — two-way communication systems for all areas of a building during firefighting operations — to help you maximize escape time. This way, you protect the integrity of your building and the safety of its inhabitants.

Our installation services include design, approvals, and inspections. We use equipment and systems from leading manufacturers in each design and phase to ensure that your system operates according to required codes and standards. Our group of engineers review each project and submit it to the FDNY for approval before installing your system.

We have a long history of exceptional services and responsiveness, so you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re working with a reliable service partner.

Expert Maintenance

Even after a quality installation, your fire protection system will still need regular inspections and maintenance work to stay in good operating condition. Our team of FDNY-approved and NICET-certified technicians will respond to your needs and keep your system up-to-code.

Our expert team is dedicated to each project from start to finish — we’ll perform a free walk through and provide 1-year payment-free period for maintenance and repairs of existing systems. You can also turn to us for your facility’s regular semi-annual and five-year inspections.

Moreover, you can rely on our system testing, repairs, and emergency response maintenance services to keep your facility safe from the threat of a fire. Our maintenance and repair team is available 24/7 to keep your fire protection equipment up-and-running in case of an emergency.

Expert Monitoring

The security of the people and assets in your properties are a priority, and this is why we watch out for you on the clock. We offer central station monitoring services that provide prompt and efficient notifications to fire departments and reach out to responders to reduce the impact of fire damage.

Our expert monitoring services include:

  • Secure internet access to make account management convenient and accessible
  • Alarm event reports accessible through fax and email
  • Reliable monitoring 24/7 to protect your property from unwanted entry
  • Prompt notifications and quick response times from the responding authorities

Our team will monitor your systems and ensure that they are performing at an optimal level. This way, you’ll ensure they stay functional in case of a fire or burglary. With Manhattan Fire and Security, you can sleep soundly knowing that we’ve got your back.