Protection from Fire

Protecting your property from fire is one of the most important aspects of guarding your property. Fire damage can harm building occupants and can be very costly.

24 hours a day of fire safety protection will ensure that fires are quickly and easily detected. Fire alarm systems are there to protect your building, whether it’s occupied or empty. You’ll be notified as soon as a fire occurs so you can prevent further damage and begin cleanup and repairs.


Our Fire Alarm Systems

Our team will customize and install top-of-the-line fire alarm systems and reliable fire detection components. In the event of a falsely triggered alarm, Manhattan Fire and Security also offers violation removal services. We are licensed to inspect your system and to state your case to the FDNY on your behalf.

Our fire alarm systems will keep your property, its occupants and their valuables protected and safe - 24 hours a day.

But why not also protect your building with a peace-of-mind security system?